ReLife Knee & Muscle Pain Oil (For Knee, Muscular, Joint Pain)


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  • Experience natural blend of Ayurveda and ancient Active Ayurvedic herbal oils such as Linseed oil, Mahua Oil, Castor Oil, Til Oil, Pundina Oil, Nutmeg Oil and Some Proprietary ingredients
  • Massage with this Pain Oil may help in Joint Pain, Back Pain, Neck or shoulder Pain and muscle stiffness or sore muscles.
  • 100% Ayurvedic. Contains no mineral oil, sulphate, Paraben or chemicals.
  • These Potent ingredients are believed to be helpful for elderly people in body pain, knee pain, joint pain, any Muscular pain etc. Improves local Circulation & Relax Muscles.
About Our Painoil
Anwar’s Relife Muscle and Joint Pain Oil 60ml : 
This rich Ayurvedic oil is specially formulated for muscular and joint pain. Infused with the healing benefits of herbs . Prepared with more than 88 Ayurvedic herbs and pure essential oils,it has anti- inflammatory properties that help to relieve pain,restore mobility and repair tissues and joints.
Helps to give relief from arthritic and rheumatic pain joint, discomfort muscle and ligament strains, damaged or torn tissue
                Benefits of anwar,s relief pain oil 
  • Ayurvedic oils can aid quicker recovery from joint, bone and muscle injuries.
  • Using Ayurvedic oils to massage your joints can help relieve joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness.
  • It is believed that regular Ayurvedic oil massages can help eliminate toxins and get rid of impurities in the body.
  • Some theories and studies also suggest that using Ayurvedic oils can help you burn fat and shed any excess weight.
  • Massage therapy improves the blood circulation, especially in the targeted areas where there might be stiffness, inflammation or pain.
  • Ayurvedic oil massage can stimulate internal organs, improve their functioning and help remove metabolic waste from the body.
  • Ayurvedic oils also promote the self-healing of cells, tissues, bones, muscles, and joints.
                            Our pain oil fights from 
  • Knee pain
  • Cervical
  • Injury
  • Sprain
  • gaathia
  • fracture
  • paralysis
  • satika
                              Mechanism Of Painoil
  • There are ingredients lying in it, which when absorbed, work on the root of the problem and not only reduce the pain. And with its regular use, the pain is completely gone 


     Why Should You Choose Ayurveda




    1.  Unlike other treatment procedures that jump straight to symptom   
         management, Ayurveda plans to address the root-cause of the disease.  
        It begins by detoxifying the body so that medicines can work better   
        towards treating the actual root-cause of the disease.
       Other than medicines, the diet and lifestyle play a very important role in    
       complementing the effect of medicines as well as sustaining the benefit  
       of treatment after the medicines have ended. So, Ayurveda equally 
       focuses on your diet & lifestyle.


        Since Ayurveda focuses on the root-cause of the disease, it effectively 
        reduces the risk of severe health complications arising out of the   
        untreated underlying cause. Patients who complete their Ayurveda 
        treatment have a reduced risk of health complications later.




                                      How To Use 


  •   At least 30 to 40 drops of Herbal Anavar Relief Oil should be  
        massaged on the affected area with a light hand until the oil is  
  • It is better to use the oil lightly lukewarm.

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