ReLife Herbal Hair Oil (Removes Dandruff & Improves Strengths, Shine)-100 ml (100)


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An Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil, ideal for controlling hair loss and nourishing damaged hair.

And treat different hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, graying, etc.


Olive Oil, Amla, Jatamansi, Reetha, Shikakai, Brahmi, Kalaunji, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Till Oil, and Some Proprietary ingredients


An Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil, ideal for controlling hair loss and nourishing damaged hair.

And treat different hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, graying etc.

Can be used for all hair types without a second thought.

Hair Oil is ideal oil for all hair types and is effective on most hair related problems like hair fall, dandruff, graying etc.

Can be used to cure itchy scalp and is recommended for hair loss. The Comb Shaped Cap ensures even distribution of the oil into the scalp providing nutrition to the roots.

Controls mild hairfall within 7-10 Days for Heavy hair fall use Relife’s Al-tol antiseptique Liquid & Hair damage Rescue Shampoo.


Anwar’s Relief Herbal Ayurvedic Hair Oil:        

Hair oil has been an old-age beauty treatment to provide necessary nutrients to your scalp and hair strands. It makes your hair healthy from  roots, adding shine and volume to the growing hair strands. But why use Natural Organic Hair oil? Nowadays, many people are opting for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. They prefer natural, organic products which are formulated with clean and green ingredients. Ingridients in our oil are light-weight, fast-absorbing botanical oils that nourish your scalp and makes your hair luscious, silky and voluminous.

Benefits of Ayurvedic hair oil 

  • It Makes Hair Smooth and Shine.                                                             
  • Zero Chemicals ( Pure Organic)
  • Strengthens hair from the roots.
  • Provides Energy for hair follicles and promotes hair growth
  • The scalp becomes dandruff free and healthy
  • Hair becomes soft, silky, thick, and Strong
  • Suitable for all types of Hair

How To Use 

  •   Apply at least four times a week, While sleeping at night,
  •   Apply it in the roots of the hair and massage it with light hands for  
  •   5-10 minutes.
  •   Apply the oil only at night, if it is applied during the day, then save it from pollution and dust.

Our Oil Fights From:

  • Dandruff
  • Fungus infection 
  • Baldness
  • Split hair 
  • Roughness 
  • Burn hair from colour 
  • Rebounding , perming 
  • Pre-mature greyhair

Mechanism of hair oil

        Apart from rejuvenation, hair-oiling according to Ayurveda has the added advantages of :        

  • strengthening hair-roots and nourishing hair-shafts,
  • promoting new hair growth,
  • softening and conditioning the hair,
  • protecting the hair from the harsh effects of the sun,
  • enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area,


Why Should You Choose Ayurveda



        Unlike other treatment procedures that jump straight to symptom   

        management, Ayurveda plans to address the root-cause of the disease.  

        It begins by detoxifying the body so that medicines can work better   

        towards treating the actual root-cause of the disease.


       Other than medicines, the diet and lifestyle play a very important role in    

       complementing the effect of medicines as well as sustaining the benefit  

       of treatment after the medicines have ended. So, Ayurveda equally 

       focuses on your diet & lifestyle.


        Since Ayurveda focuses on the root-cause of the disease, it effectively 

        reduces the risk of severe health complications arising out of the   

        untreated underlying cause. Patients who complete their Ayurveda 

        treatment have a reduced risk of health complications later.


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